Extreme - Naked

So you want me to take it off<br>Just to see what's<br>Underneath my cloth<br>I'll show you I'm every<br>Inch a man<br>Measure all that you<br>Think you can<br><br>I'm more than what<br>Meets the eye<br>Flesh 'n' blood is<br>Often a white lie<br>By the cover you misjudge<br>The book<br>Open your mind and take<br>Another look<br><br>Naked, and I'm unashamed<br>Naked, with no one to blame<br>Naked, ya you want the truth<br>Naked, here's my birthday suit<br>Naked, naked, naked, naked<br><br>I pretend to be not anyone<br>Except me and my imperfections<br>There is nothing i<br>Expect of you<br>That you wouldn't<br>Expect of me, too<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Will you excuse me for my ignorance<br>'cause I can see only one<br>Difference<br>Those of you who seek to find<br>While all the others choose<br>To walk 'n' talk blind

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