Extreme - Little Girls

Please tell me what am I supposed to do

Why do I get myself in this situation

There must be some logical

Answers why I rob the cradle

Can this be love or just infatuation

Little girl come out and play

I got some candy for my baby

It's your sweet sixteenth birthday celebration

Thank heaven for Little girls who

grow up in a most peculiar way

You might think she's too young for me

(Little Girls)

You know I always say you're as young as you feel

(As you feel)

Yeah, I might be crazy 'cause I like them so young

(Little Girls)

But with little girls the best is yet to come come

(Yet to come)

Some they say I'm too old for her

Old enough to be her father

Incestual blood is thicker than water

Do what's right not morally wrong

Flesh and blood can only be so strong

And it's my god not yours I'll have to answer

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