Extreme - Better Off Dead

Just a few days ago

And tears fill your eyes with grief and sorrow

Cause you to question why because you don't know

If there comes a time when we all, when we all must go


Better off dead, if you're going to believe

Better off dead, in some painful (painful) memories

Better off dead, for truly you'll be free

Then to get down on your knees

Can you continue to go on and ignore?

A most certain fate you have grown, grown to abhor

If what you believe is true

And you have no remorse

No matter what you do, no matter what you do,

Oh, you'll be on, you'll be on the same course


Can someone tell me why I'm not better off dead?

I no longer deny these thoughts filling my head

I'm left to decide for this path I've been led

If there's more to life than just death



It's alright, I'm only bleeding

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