Eric McFadden

Eric McFadden - Gone

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I remember the day you said you would never leave my side and even though its my fault I feel like your right I know your hurt that means Im hurt gotta get you back gotta make this work and through your crien and complain I never really knew that ud walk away from me and wed be really through and still I chose to let you roll thought ud come back wish id known And now you walk around u frontin girl like u dont care saw you the other day you walk past me like I wasnt there how you goin to act like that weve been done for 3 long year Im the man that drys your tears eazzz your mind and calmed your fears And I still stood there for ya baby baby please come home girl ya gone all I can do is say ooo please come back to me cause I cant take it anymore girl id treat you so much better than I did before still wanna have my baby its driving me crazy your not my lady missin you latly girl it cant be true that you dont love me anymore what I gotta do to make you come home fo sho (Thanks to ashley for these lyrics)

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