Eric Hutchinson

Eric Hutchinson - You've Got You lyrics

I've got a bone to pick with you and this opportunity

i couldn't live this down enough to make up for you and me

i feel a swelling in my soul i've been choking up inside

i'd bite my tongue just for your sake but i'd swallow too much pride


and who will be sorry first who will be sorry first

and if you won't be the one to budge i can tell what i am worth

and you've got you to blame for what you do to you

there's nothing shocking so it must be true

and let me set this record straight on the drama you create

before you go and turn your back on me

i've got a lot to pay you back i've been saving up for years

i'm gonna break you into two who now is gonna hear your tears

i've been the friend you never had now you'll never have me back

i bear a witness to your faults and that line's severely cracked

you're gonna live your life and stay on your side

you're not ashamed to try you're more afraid of why

this bridge is burning now it's caving in

we're never gonna win we'll run in circles till we fall in line

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