Epmd - K. I. M.


Nah nahcheck this outyo

I grab my dickspithit the blinkerssplit

The dutch coronastokin irons without permits

Repetoire long-faced murderer's the shit

Black bruce willis mix tape arsonist

Esquirefor hirewith total rapid fire

Supplier to any tom dick jerry maguire

You chose the right man to get the plan executed

I get the situation happening before you shoot it

Flow direct-orsuprise you like guess what?

The hotter I spit I'm trippin off smoke detectors

Who next up to get dressed upI don't pop

Corks I pop new york with a dot til import

The art then the craftwill split you in half

I'm a hurricane you a miller genuine draft

While you push a s-class I'm riding on a giraffe

Uptownnakedsmoking a bag with hashcheck it

Shut your windows and lock your doors

Whores scream louder than berrymore when I pour

And when me and my crew walk we walk on all fours

Atomic dogspacked in a black yukon


[erick sermon]

John blazeI keep y'all niggaz rockin for days

Boriquasto esesaround the ways

My own mix tape djI flex

You don't have a clue when I'm doin ya who is he I gets busyword up

Come now player look in my eyes you think I'm bluffin

A five year span turned nuttin into somethin

And don't get familiaryour whole entourage don't be

Feelin yabehind your back they straight killin ya

(who am i? ) the ex-headbanger bad motherfucker

High on friday with chris tucker

I be a headbanger to my very last breath

Even jermaine dupri think I'm sosodef

K.a.shawn mimsI come from a long line of geechies

Who didn't careblow camp lo luchinis

I transform like spawntakes no time

For me to get onto the break of dawnword


[parrish smith]

Pmdthe purple heart admiral

Blow your spot and left shrapnel

Then escaped in the benz capsule

Harder than a nfl tackleback to bite the big apple

Southpawraw since I was a sophomore

Before I met jane in the corridor

The mentalsrapper slash entrepeneur

With more action than roger moore

Turn your cabbage into coleslawwith the four four

Spray windex on your glass jaw

Shatter itfuckin with pis hazardous

Iced out lazarus started and manufactured this

My squad's wild like the manimals on geographic

Smash you bastards on some crab shit

Epmd's the group the squadron is the click

Transmitlyrical grittime to shift cause i'm


[keith murray]

Keith murraythe holder of the boulder

Lyrical analyst mental roller coaster flower

Money foldertrack blowermc overthrower

I flow witcha two at a timelike noah

I goes off to the beaton the edge of reality

And kick rhymes in my sleepand battle mortality

Finallyevery dimension know keith

Y'all egotistical simple-minded niggaz is pitiful and weak

I'll give you a g a week for lifeif you can defeat me

I kick poetry at a high rate of mortality

At staticlyrical kraftmaticsmokin

Barkin like a dogbreathin like an asthmatic

Lyrical sculpture create fly rap sculpture

Ninety-eight headbanger boyyeah I told ya

Total chaoshelter skelterrun for shelter

Here comes the lyrical brain melter

I be maxin and relaxinattractin action

Flippin more big ol words than jesse jackson

My shit knock don't itdrive you crazy if you loan it

Man I feel for my opponents

Chorus (to end)

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