Epica - Run For A Fall lyrics

Do not use the past as an alibi

For all of your deficiencies always standing by

Face your negligence, do not fool yourself

Shortcomings will soon appear

For weakness shows itself

Blind from your success and all of the excess

Deaf from the praise you had

Don't cry out of self pity in forcing your way through

For I will not be vulnerable to slander made by you

In a misty veil, misplaced

Where castles in the air will be no longer seen

As something out of reach

In time the dream will be erased

So many things will never be the way they seemed

And pride will have it's fall at last

Her eyes fell while the shame was written on her face

When she realised that her failures

could never be undone again

You did not notice the manipulated hand

That overshadowed your thoughts all those years

That made you insecure

You did not notice the ancient shifting sand

That pulls you down into an everlasting sham

You will never be able to fight

Never be able to hide

Run for a fall, you'd better run

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