Epica - Dance Of Fate lyrics

When Darkness will reign

and blind us all

Allegiance will blind us if we do not fall

We cannot tell when morning comes

Is there a choice to live another day?

It's hard to find a new direction

in your fragile life

The precious time of your existence is now to come

Don't throw your life away by cheating time

Sugared Placebos only fool your mind

Now I want the water to wash away all my sins

The wind to blow away my thoughts

without meaning

The fire to burn away my thickened skin

Novas portas pandimus

What is the space, the type of dance?

I cannot tell which steps I have to take

I'd like to leave, just run away

My feet are tangled up

So hard to face the pace of the clock

What do you think; will it ever stop?

So, will I fall and not get up?

I take it all in stride

Everything has a reason for its happening

Can't you tell

it's your own spell and

Everyone has to dance his dance like anyone

Can't break free of destiny

We should open new doors

And close the ones that we've left behind

Novas portas pandimus,

et post nos occludimus

Novas portas pandimus

et post nos occludimus

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