Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley - Padre lyrics

The day that we wed

You blessed us and said

May heaven bestow you grace

There in that holy place

We shared our first embrace

Our cottage was small but richer than all

The palaces of the king

All day the birds would sing

Our hearts were filled with spring

Padre, padre

What happened to our love`s so cruel

Padre, oh padre

In my grief I turn to you

Then he came along

And sang her his song

And won her with honey lies

He of the fiery eyes

Now it`s not her that cries

So I will pray

The hours away

And weary my heart has grown

Wondering where love has flown

Counting my beads alone

Padre, oh padre

Please tell me how such things can be

Padre, oh padre

Pray for my love and me

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