Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith - Waltz #2

[words 6/6-98, music 96-97]

Infernal majesty,

Gibbering... pattern, enthusiasm

Slowly affected as light becomes violent

And the exceeding of thoughts is blinded by it's slaves

Monstrous abundance, I'll share the same with you

If you can reach the stars

In the pleasantness of fertile harm, scattered all over

Experience fault, experience the tower,

Grown with its own prudence

And with sketches of the malignant three

On course with the five in line

A heart of those that pleasure must be bent before their eyes

Then I see the dragon rise

The mirror of pain, Graciously caressed

In urge to dispute the male figure

Grotesque shimmering, falsefull tales

Indocrinated formulas

Itches the claws of the humorized bat

And no life there, feeds without love

Cleansed through the whirlwinds as I

Rock the throne of delight

Harmonized as one, redeemed satisfaction, must be pleased

Circular extension, eroticism in the saddle of connection

Infernal power, open up and determine man where he stands

To make our heart complete

And watch the syndromes fall

Proud symbols to be as the seven itself

And no thing is for sure, as we glance into the black sun

The keeper of light, altogether,

Anonymously attracted to the scorpion dancing in his eyes

As our convoy melts together,

We sail the flesh as the apple gets irresistible

Life's put to peace, the silent lamb is conquered

Access, announce, might of great will

And leaps from the shore of solitary

Time to feed, time to let go

Black shimmering, carrier of crowns, prospect mirror rising

Abhorrent teardrops, landscapes, formations,

Accordingly to the ten signs

Ego, echo, tranquillity is born

Diving, divine spectre

Look at me, the draft draws nearer

Female implant, lust is turned to hunger

And freedom towers share the land increased in a global entrance

Eyes colored blue, eyes colored red

Enchanted wisdom breeds the serpents flame

In feminine oceans, united in ecstatic motion,

As we praise the flesh of sodomy with bestial behavior

"O'moonshine", endanger this vioscope glass arena

We see, it's the fall of the false redeemer

He with no hands

Admiring the triumphant move of the elephant

Rhythmic adjustment, sources are bound

A descendant of pleasure in all ways

Divided, stonedrops-silverblue

As long as evil breeds

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