Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith - Waltz #1 guitar tab

WALTZ #1 by ELLIOTT SMITH - for guitar (v1.0 may4,1999)

this is a tricky song to perform because there are two different

pianos (one plays chords, one plays along with the vocal melody) plus at =


one guitar jangling in the background plus a very convoluted vocal =


You should be able to play this just using the chords, but if you try =


play the melody at the same time, you'll sound better assuming you don't

knot your fingers...(see bit at bottom of page)

(CAPO 4th fret - i have named all chords and notes as if they were =

played w/o capo because

if you're male you'll probably have to {re}move the capo to sing the =

high notes)

A X02220

Ab5 X01240

Amaj7 X02120

Amaj7(2)X02224 - can be used instead of some A's, if you like

F#m X44222

F#m6 X4424X

D X00232

Db5 X00132

Db5(2) X00234

Bm X24432

E 022100

Emaj7 X2114X

C#7 X46464

(riffs and melody notation at the end)


Ab5 A Amaj7

everytime the day darkens down and goes away

F#m Db5(2) D A

pictures open in my head of me and you

Ab5 A Amaj7

silent and cliched all the things we did and didn't say

F#m Db5(2) D E

covered up by what we did and didn't do going through


Bm C#7 D E

every out i used to cop to make the repetition stop

(E riff) Ab5 A ( to instrumental verse thing...)

what was i supposed to say?


Bm C#7 D E

now i never leave my zone we're all alone i'm going home

(E riff) Ab5 Emaj7 F#m6 Db5(2) =20

i wish i'd nver seen your fae..ae....ae...ace


Db5(2) - 3 bars

E - 1 bar


-E riff-

(as used on the 'what was i supposed to say?' bit, and the other bit)

these are notes to be played while letting the E chord ring. the number =

is the fret,

the bit in brackets is the string (2=3DB string 3=3DG string)

1(3 2(3) 2(2) 0(2) 3(2) 2(2) 4(2) - notes

i wish i'd ne - ver seen your face - the words

E Ab5 - the chords


same notation as above. try playing this while picking chords/partial =


and it should sound ok - unless you're playing the lower notes, where it =


4(2) 4(2) 0(1) 2(1) 2(2) 0(2) 2(3) 1(3) 1(3) 0(2) 2(2)1(4)

ev - ry - time the day dar - kens down and goes a - way

4(4) 2(4) 1(3)1(3) 0(2) 2(2) 1(3) 4(4)4(4) 2(4)2(4)

pic - tures o - pen in my head of me and you

(the rest you can work out yourself if you want)

if any of this seems VERY WRONG or you have any suggestions where i =

could improve it,

e-mail andy at andy@hunchretro.freeserve.co.uk

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