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Elliott Smith - the enemy is you guitar tab

hey all... Heres my interpretation of one of my favourite Elliott Smith

songs. I have absolutely no idea from which album it from, but it is on the

single Baby Britain.

Title: The Enemy is You

Artist: Elliott Smith

Transcribed and submitted: Steve Westwood, Liverpool, UK.

Here we go then...

the only 'strange' chord that I could find was this one, which is the second

chord of the verse:

Dm(add B)

5th | 1 | | | 1

| | | | 2 |

3 | X 4 | |

| | | | | |

this basically a D minor bar chord with an added B note on the top fret. If

you can get the A note on the D string to ring more power to you. If you

can't, just mute it.

The timing is a little quirky, he hits the chord 1/16th before the start of

the bar every other chord change... Its advisable to listen to the track to

get the right feelin'.

Other than that its simple BAR CHORDS all the whole way baby!

...intro verse(x2)

-----------verse 1

Dm Dm(addB)

....got your head...




Through the sunken...


Through the crushing...


You don't know ...

C (or Csus4)

Cause you're a...


You work this bit out

---------the lyric pattern ends on the starting chord of the next verse

--------------verse 2

Dressing up...

It's all...

It's all...

You don't...

It's just...

It's still...


You wanna block it out

--------------chorus 1

---------the lyric 'out' streches into the second chord of the verse chord

---------pattern as follows

Dm F


G Bd

Well I know....

Dm F

With this big....

G Bb

I'm gonna....

----------- verse 3 & 4

----------chorus x 2 (double chorus) and end on "go away..."

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