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Elliott Smith - Still Here guitar tab

Still Here (If You Want Me)

by Elliott Smith live at La Boule Noire, Paris

D XX0232

Bm7 X24235

C#7 X46667

G 355433

Em7 XX2003

Em7/D# XX1003

A/C# X4222X

A7 X02223

Gm 3x0333

Em 022000

D Bm7

here if you want me

C#7 G

listening so close

Em /D#

from far away

D Bm7

memorizing what you told me

C#7 G

like a foreigner

Em /D# D Bm7

on holiday smiling at confusion

C#7 G Em7 /D#

talking to the speaker that I see

D Bm7

dancing on the highway

C#7 G Em7 /D#

the broken line that leads from you to me

A/C# G A7

well i'll be at my station all night

Em Gm A7

so come on by if you feel right

(repeat same chords)

still here if you want me

look at what i can do

with empty time

lost love and words that haunt me

isn't this flat wrong

to sound so sublime

one strike In the mural

planting it to place

like someone's kiss

dead calm

on the tranquil

see between you and me

well that's all that is but

i'm here if you want me my love

dancing on the highway

(instumental verse)

your sun still in my sky

oh my oh my

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