Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith - St. Ides Heaven guitar tab

St. Ides Heaven

Tune a full step down

G5: X75XXX B6: X20XXX

D*: X54XXX E5: 022XXX

C*: X32XXX F#5: 244XXX

A7: X02020 A5: X02XXX

G6: X45XXX G*: X(10)9XXX

C+5: 43XXXX C: 332010

G5*: 320XXX

Intro: G5 D* C* A7


C* G6 C* G5*

Everyone is exactly right when I

C* G6 C* B6

Walk around here drunk every night

E5 F#5 C+5 C

With an open container from 7-11

G6 C*

In St. Ides heaven


I been out haunting the neighborhood

And everybody can see I'm no good

When I'm walking out between parked cars

G6 A7

With my head full of stars


C* D* G5 G*

High on amphetamines

C* D* G5 G*

The moon is a light bulb breaking

C* D* G5 G*

It'll go around with anyone

C* D* G5 G*

But it won't come down for anyone



You think you know what brings me down

That I want those things you could never allow

You see me smiling you think it's a frown

Turned upside down


'Cos everyone's a fucking pro

And they all got answers from trouble they've known

And they all gotta say what they should and shouldn't do

G6 A7

Though they don't have a clue


C* D* G5 G*

And I won't come down for anyone

C6 A6 C

The solo is just the verse chords, only leave the G and B strings open.

Ex. C*: X3200X

The A7 chord in the intro goes into an A7sus thing.

A7 A7sus4 A7 A7sus2 A7

A7sus4: x02030 A7sus2: x02000

The A7 chord before has a little riff







1 2 3 + 4

That's it, I think. Thanks Scott for the names of the chords. They are

really weird.



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