Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith - Say Yes guitar tab

Say Yes V.2

Tune a full step down


G D/F# Em7

I'm in love with the world


Through the eyes of a girl

Em7 A7

Who's still around the morning after


We broke up a month ago

I grew up I didn't know

You'd be around the morning after

SOLO (tabbed at bottom)


It's always been wait and see

A happy day, then you pay

Feel like shit the morning after


Now I feel changed around

And instead of falling down

I'm standing up the morning after


C D Em

Situations get fucked up

G A7 C

And turned around sooner or later


I could be another fool

Or an exception to the rule

You tell me the morning after


G Fdim Em

Crooked spin can't come to rest

F Em

I'm damaged bad at best


She'll decide what she wants

G Fdim Em

I'll probly be the last to know

F Em

No one says until it shows

D Am

See how it is


They want you or they don't

Say yes

repeat first verse

Solo (for one acoustic guitar)










|--------------------5--4--|----------2-- A7 chord--|



that's it! the new and (hopefully) improved Say Yes! a

couple notes:

in the coda, when you hit the Am, hit and pull your

index finger in 16th notes. you should know what i'm

talking about.

the only chord that some may not know is Fdim.

Fdim: X01212

that should be it. hopefully this one will be a

little easier to read. thought it was about time to do

a solo acoustic version of this. it sounds really good

when played as all open chords, i.e no bar chords.


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