Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith - Rose Parade

[- The Markings of Destiny - 4:90]

The cry of war.

Hearken elders.. The time has come

Our destiny.. Is at hand

May dead rise.. Smell the incense

Stoop not down.. Yet rise above

Unto the abyss.. Unbidden hatred

Faithless depths.. Names of lore

Ashen graves.. Ancient in forms

Mist of life.. Beckon my wishes

I, the last of the elder force beckon once more

Waken so that we may reap our crimson vengance

Cthuhlu lies in wait upon thrones of blood and lies

Dead and dreaming no more fathers i do conjure

[- Masses of Destruction - 7:98]

As the earth shook.. Upheaving the lands

Infernal fire risen.. >From eternal graves

Skies did open.. Winged fates flew fourth

Uncreation of death.. Storms of fire

Open the gate.. Pass the realm

Ia ia dag! Ia kanpa gat!

Crown of realms.. Ashen graves

Mist of life.. Beckoned my wishes

All was silent..

[- Upon the Throne of Iniquity - 5:73]

Hearken! for our generation did come fourth upon this realm once more from our

eternal resting places to reclaim the land we hold so true from those ancient

fathers of iniquity, death, and lies.. Absu did stir with an evil rage upon hearing

of the invocation of the elder ones once more and he did summon Tiamat whom

inturn brought fourth Cthulhu whom upon hearing of this resurrection did strike

out with rage upon the body of Kingu and did render him headless as a corpse..

The dark waters did cease and sudside as the mighty Marduk rose once more

crying out in vengance upon the Ancient one Tiamat whom had slain his son in

the last great battle when dark waters did rise. Tiamat, sensing a presence and

lept in fear between the spaces where worlds collide for fear that Marduk would soon

be near. Cthulhu stirred upon his throne and did summon the guardian of the gate Iak

Sakkak. And his demon horde stood forth before the gate of realms in wait of the Elder

ones. Through fires of unlife the elder ones gathered with sword and shield

Their war was one of time and peril for the right of the black earth

Men would recall this battle in written texts for centuries of darkness

Tiamat waits in wings of fear upon sensing the elder presence was near

Storm the gates to War..

[- The Signifigance of War - 0:09]

Over deserts, through eternal oceans they journey

Above the sky, past fragments of time they leap

Walking upon the ravaged lands between the lands

Wanderers of the night are thee of Elder creation

Upon the gates they arrived and all was silent

Storms of.. Fire.. I call you fourth

Hear me.. Ancients.. I beckon you

Your time.. is near.. Hearken fathers

Open.. the gates.. you shall befall

Tiamat sensing battle lept from spaces between worlds

Upon the back of Marduk she did leap with heart of fire

Marduk did cry out in name unknown to her burning

With enraged emotion he did lash with swords of frost.

Marduk lashed out with swords

Upon the heart of the ancient one

To spill the venom of her blood

With sorcery he did carve a wound

Tiamat did cry out with pain and blood

and lashed with spears of black earth

With the soul of death she cried out

Dead and not dreaming Marduk will lye

[- Songs of Fate - 1:97]

Marduk did fall as death upon a black heaving earth

As Tiamat did cry of victory and all were pale of fear

Whence from the blackened earth the magician rose

With rays of infernal frost magick he pierced her heart

Blood of her blood spilt upon her grave

Lord of Magick spits of a venom gaze

Call whom ye call Tiamat hath been slain

Deadly dreaming upon field of crimson rain

Past the gates the elder gods came fourth unto sands of frozen time

With wings of fire they did rise upon the walls of the ancient castles

In search of the ones whom so called upon a plague of black impeity

Choosen ones who may rid the earth realm of those gods of death

Upon his throne Cthulhu was filled with an evil emotion.. Hearken Absu!

Let us make monsters that they may go fourth and destroy these sons of iniquity!

Upon this enchantment Hubur did rise and make beasts of venomous blood

Monsters of serpents skin and fire of dragons breath, with horns of Shammash

To the gates the beasts did flee to conquer those gods of iniquity..

Deadly dreaming.. Fates are singing.. Songs of searing..

Of burning eye i saw an army of the dead rising from walls of flame..

Dead and dreaming.. Fates are singing.. Songs of chaos..

[- Dead and Dreaming - 7:73]

War did consume all of life force

Fields of ravaged crimson chaos

Swords and spears clash

Fire and frost burning

Crimson rain falling

Wars of centuries

War did consume all life force

Fields of ravaged crimson chaos

Watchers.. of all.. Hearken.. i call..

Names of.. 50 names.. i call.. to me..

Fathers.. we rise.. before you.. our cries

Infernal.. magick.. frost fire.. burning

Watchers.. of thee.. Hear me.. i call

Names of.. Marduk.. beckoned.. to me..

Ancient.. fathers.. hear us.. rising..

Infernal.. magick.. dragon fire.. searing

Of death, gods fell until 3 remained..

I, stand before you Cthulhu with son Enki, Marduk

Hear me so that we may reap a crimson vengance

You have ruled this land upon a throne of blood and lies

Dead and dreaming you shall lye upon that throne once more

The earth shook.. Dark waters stirred

Infernal fire risen.. Marduk lunged fourth

Skies did open.. Cthulhu lashed out

Uncreation of Death.. Both pale of fear

Opened the gate.. Dark waters surged

Ia ia dag! Marduk fell upon graves!

Crown of realms.. Cthulhu cried war

Mists of death.. Called by 7 names..

Cthulhu did gaze upon me with eyes of death and i could feel my body turn

pale with fear. My body did levitate above the ground as infernal fire filled

my eyes i cried names of war.. As i peered upon the corpse of Marduk i did

lash with serpents upon the body of Cthulhu. Whom did turn his face and

returned with burning rays of binding darkness upon my body

and a sword in his possession. All was calm as dark waters stirred.

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