Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith - No Name No.4

For a change she got out before he hurt her bad

Took her records and clothes

And pictures of her boy

It really made her sad

Packed it up and didn't look back

I'm okay lets just forget all about him

The car was cold and it smelled like old cigarettes and pine

In her bag I saw things she drew when she was mine

Like this one here

Her alone nobody near

What a shame lets just not talk about it

No it doesn't look like you

But you did wear cowboy boots

That's your fame

There's no question about it

Once we got back inside

With one ear to the ground

I was ready to hide

'cos I don't know who's around

and you look scared

it's our secret do not tell okay?

Let's just not talk about it

Don't tell okay?

Let's just forget all about it

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