Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith - Independence Day guitar tab

Elliott Smith - Independance Day

Tabbed by Tony G (yeah@hehe.com)

This is probably wrong (although it sounds

really close), I haven't been playing guitar

long so if I made any mistakes or if you

have any modifications please let me know.

Tune one and a half steps down.


D 000232

D2 000222

Bb 113331

Bb/E 013331

G 320003

G/A 300033

B 224422

F#m 244222

B2 013330

Db 446664

Intro Part:

These are the basic finger positions and the order in which to pluck the strings (leave

them ringing as long as possible), I didn't write the entire intro part out, if you

listen to the song it'll make sense.

E -8---|---9----|----10-9--9-------|----6-5-5------|---5-3-----3----|----8---|----10---

B ---6-|----8---|---7----10-10-10--|---6---6-6-6---|-------5-6--5-3-|---6-6--|---7-----

G --9--|--9--9--|--7----------7--7-|--7-------7-7--|--4-------------|--7---7-|--7------

D 0----|-0------|-0----------------|-8-------------|-5--------------|-0------|-0-------

A -----|--------|------------------|---------------|----------------|--------|---------

E -----|--------|------------------|---------------|----------------|--------|---------

When the drums start:

D D2 Bb Bb/E G G/A Bb D

Segway to verse part:

D D2

E -10--8---7-

B -7---7---7-

G -7---7---7-

D -----------

A -----------

E -----------

Bm Bb B G

Future Butterfly gonna spend the day higher than high

A# A

You'll be beautiful confusion

F#m G B2

Oooooh once I was you

During this part play the D2, Bb/E, and G/A as transitions to the next chords

D D2 Bb Bb/E G G/A Bb D D2 D D2 Bb Bb/E G G/A Bb D D2

* Do the segway to verse part again

Bm Bb B G

I saw you caught between all the people out making the scene

A# A

and a bright ideal tomorrow

F#m G

Oooooh don't go too far


stay who you are

D D2 Bb Bb/E G


Everybody knows


Everybody knows


Everybody knows


you only live a day

A A#

but it's brilliant anyway

D G A A# D


* Do the segway to verse part again

D D2 Bb Bb/E

i saw you at a perfect place

G G/A Bb D

it's gonna happen soon but not today

D D2 Bb Bb/E

so go to sleep and make the change


i'll meet you here tomorrow

Bb D

independance day


independance day

Bb B

independance day

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