Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith - I Figured You Out


Imma yung gangstat nigga and I neva let da beef ride/If derez a prollem you can find me on da eastside/

Niggaz keep on talkin' Imma knock all dey teeth out/If itz up to pistol play Imma bring da heat out/

I stay blankin' on 'em (Blankin' On 'Em)(Repeat 8x)

[Verse 1]

Aye wut da binuzz iz(ayeee)

You know where I reside/Dat E-A-S-T nigga, da eastside(EASTSIDE)/

We got dem rugers we got dem choppaz don't make us pop da trunk(No-No)/

If a hatuh wanna talk den boy I got dat pump(I got it)/I make sales wit da crack(ok)/Get tail in da 'Lac(ok)/

Itz some pussy-niggaz talkin',I put a shell in dey back(ayeee)/Man Im rushin' at you hoez wit some, uh, ammunition/I snatch yo ass up and Oh damn you missin'(Ha Ha)/Fo' you niggaz think I'm playin' step yo puss-ass up/Imma trill-ass nigga I'll fuck ya ass up/I put da beam to yo back den I connect da dots/Puts some bullets all up in you from deez tec's and glocks/Man Im causin' total chaos runnin' up and down yo street/Man I'm blastin' at you hoez put yo mouf up on dis heat/Man I make yo brains come out da back of yo head wit dis nine/Leave yo body on da ground/Leave yo brains all behind/


[Verse 2]

I gotta machete and a ruger/Man I leave you bleedin'/Dey call me Freddy Crouger bitch I kill you when you sleepin'/Indo yes I'm chiefin'/Hit you leave you leakin'/Gotta AK,45 yes I'm heated/I role wit a squad fulla killaz and assassins/Buck if you wanna nigga we ready fo' action/Ready to get da blastin' like cameras when dey flashin'(cheese)/I dig a hole dats da one I put yo ass in(oh)/

Beef wit me is asinine/Gon head and ask me why/Come by blastin' 9's/Hit'em wit da fo-five/Leav'em wet no clothes dry/Burnin' out laughin' as I watch you fuckin' hoes die(ha ha)/Catch me blowin' on da piff/While she blowin' on my dick/

Catch me puffin' on da piff/While she suckin' on my dick/Runnin' up on me nigga what da fuck you thinkin'/Don't ya know, Yung Trill yuh nigga I stay Blankin'/


(Repeat 2x)

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