Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith - Happiness

Minds captured and controlled by the sin disease

Getting together to build the mad phone machine

Pre-recorded lies speaking in the voice of a god

Victims think they're thinking for themselves helplessly nod

Pre packaged with hip-hop graphics and the pamphlet looks cool

If you seek out another opinion you are condemned a fool

Like the death camp Jews who worked to finance their own deaths

Money coming out of our pockets to misfeed heads

Link Line (Disconnect the) Link Line

Let alone not preaching abstinence but encouraging sex

Let alone not saying it's a choice but you're stuck with homo-sex

Employing theories and opinions that fit the agenda the best

Selling it as truth with nothing getting through to oppose this

Purporting to be of help and of service to the community

Achieving nothing but to spread a kind of immunity

To anything righteous and that costs and is the difficult way

In the name of their philosophy and the god of "anything you say"

I'll hang on to my Bible cause its burning's on the way

Teach my children well that we're at war today

Chip away at my block at the corner that the Lord gives

Make the most of my life and the time I've got here to live

So you can take your Link Line and make all your little chains

This is one player praying against all your games

You versus God and it's a battle for every mind

Pit eternity against the rest of your life

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