Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith - Good To Go guitar tab

Good To Go

Chords used:

Gm: 355333 Bbsus4: 113341

Dm: 557765 A7sus9: X02030

F: 133211 A7: X02020

Bb: 113331 G: 355433

Fsus: 113311




|-------3|---3---| Play 3x's

|-----5--|-----5-| end on Gm



The same picking pattern is used throughout the whole song,

so I'll just put the chords.


Gm Dm

A low riding junkie girl

Gm F Bb

Rode down south to your little world, like a dream



You can do it if you want to


You can do it if you want to

Bb A7sus9 A7

You can do it if you want to be like me


I wouldn't be a hero if I wasn't such a zero

G Bb

If I wasn't such a zero, good to go


F Bbsus4 Bb F

All I ever see around here is things of hers

Fsus Bbsus4 Bb

That you left lying around

F Bbsus4

It's all I ever see around here


She kicked New York like a curse

And you traced her footsteps in reverse up to Queens



Bb F Fsus Bbsus4 Bb

Some empty envelopes from some other town


It's all I ever see around here

I'm waiting for something that's not coming

F Bbsus4 Bb

That part where it goes "some empty envelopes...." really flows,

so listen to the album for the timings


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