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Elliott Smith - Going Nowhere guitar tab

Going Nowhere


Ok, so this is the tab to Going Nowhere, not checked at all, i'm just

transcripting the way I play it. If you have any corrections (and you

will have) let us know!

It's quite simple anyway, there is just one basic riff:

Riff 1 : (a)

C Cdim C5 Cdim C Esus4 B5 Esus4 Em Am Am6 Am7







On the fourth time, play this instead: And before the chorus:

(b) (c)

Esus4 B5 Am Am6 Am7 E5 D

|-----------0---------0---2---3-| |---------------2--2--2--2---|

|-----0---3-----------1---1---1-| |---------------3--3--3--3---|

|-----2/4-----4-----2-2---2---2-| |---------------2--2--2--2---|

|-----2/4-----------------------| |-2--2--2--2----0--0--0--0---|

|---2-2/4---------0-------------| |-2--2--2--2-----------------|

|-0-----------------------------| |-0--0--0--0-----------------|

Intro: Riff1(a)x3 Riff1(b)

Verse 1

Riff 1(a)

He waved hello, Started like a mile,

Riff 1(a)

We met-- There's no Changing my mind,

Riff 1(a)

I won't walk the Stairs with you tonight

Riff 1(b)

Goin' nowhere

Verse 2

The clock moved a Quarter of a turn

The time it took a cigarette to burn

She said, You got A lot of things to learn

Riff 1(c)

Goin' nowhere



I saw you move A certain way

Dm Am F C

I missed you a lot:


I turned to this Damned place

Dm Am G F

Shoulda been forgot

Verse 3 (like Verse 1)

Echoes drown our Conversation out

Echoes that only Seem to bring about

A silent expression Easy when allowed

Goin' nowhere

Verse 4 (like Verse 2)

The steps made a pattern I had never seen

I felt like a kid of Six or seventeen

Flowers off in some Empty daydream

Goin' nowhere


It's dead and gone

Matter of fact

It may be for the best,

It sets you, frees you

Can't take back

Honestly I guess

Verse 5

The old records Sitting on the floor

The ones I can't Put on any more

He walked over To her like before

Goin' nowhere

Goin' nowhere

Goin' nowhere

Tabbed by Manuel, verlassen@terra.es

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