Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith - Fond Farewell

We set sail at half past four,

Looking for a new tomorrow

Don't know when we're coming home

So we drink and we dance and we drown our sorrow


Whey, hey, hey laddy hey

Whey hey hey and we'll drink the night away

We don't know what there lies in store

But it's better than this, that's why I'm willing

To stake my claim on a foreign shore

With me spoons and me fiddle and half a shilling


They've dreamt a place and I know it's true

Where the dolphins play and it's always pretty

They dance around in the old true blue

That's what you do but you make more money


I must be off by morinng's light,

I can hear our bosun's whistle blowin

One more kiss and one more fight

And one more song while the beer is flowing



When the sky is grey look out to sea

When the waves are high and the light is dying

Well raise a glass and think of me

When I'm home again boys I'll be buying

chorus X2

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