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Elliott Smith - Condor Ave. guitar tab

Condor Ave tab

it can be played in standard tuning but sounds better with the

there are two distinctive guitars in the track. The guitar on the right

channel plays chords, the guitar on the left channel plays arpeggios.















E D D5# G hammer CM7 hammer C







D6 Em riff CM7 Am Asus4 Am


the left guitar plays :







D6 pull-off CM7







Bm F# D5 G C then back to E


very quick








(E5 G Am) X 3 then E5 D C G C riff

Song :


-main chord sequence (instrumental) once

-main chord sequence with words (twice) :

E D D5# G

She took the oldsmobile out past Condor avenue

CM7 C D6

and she locked the car and stepped past

Em riff CM7

into rythmic quietude

Am/Asus4/Am Bm F# D G C

lights burning voice dry and hoarse

E D D5# G

i threw the screen day like a bastard back and forth

CM7 C D6 Em riff CM7

the chimes fell over each other i fell onto my knees

Am Bm F# D G C

the sound of car driving off made me feel diseased

-2ND chord sequence :

E5 G Am

a sick shouting like you hear at the fairground

E5 G Am

now i'm picking up to put away anything of yours that's still

E5 G Am

around I don't know what to do with your clothes or your letters

E5 D C G C

I'll make a whisper out of you...

tabbed by Laurent

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