Elliott Smith

Elliott Smith - Coast To Coast

Ladies I'm just so impressed with you guys today.

Progress is really being made.

Now we getting ready to switch gears on the third question and this is:

What gets you in the mood, for sex?

It's all about the 4-play

and 4-play is an all day event

phone sex, e-mails whatever

just some shit to make me want you that much more when I get home from work and step in the door lights out

candles burnin' wit some Jodeci: Diary of a Mad Band

rub me down all the way down

tease me, bite me, suck me

I'm like a motor in the winter

you gotta get me warmed up before you get me started

tongue touching, body rubbing

and when we take it there,

Don't be afriad to taste both these lips

Now I can't speak for them young girls but uh

we can do it anywhere:

in the car, on the lawn before dawn

under the moon, at the beach

as long as it's sweet lil candlelight something soft and sexy

in the background you know a lil Keith Sweat, something that's got that boom in it

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