El Presidente

El Presidente - Rocket

Original bladhead Crooklynite, rudeboy instructor

I came back to lay down law, motherfucker

I'll crush you, because you appear to be a sucker

One more false move, I'll grab my toast and I'll bust ya

And you, stop talking shit and pass the L

Got mad clientel, real niggas know me well

Other rappers go on tour and stay in their hotels

Me and my boys, we're as true as they come, son

We come from some ill life experience and take rap serious

I'm curious about the fakers and the frauds

About the silly-ass broad and about all the bullshit going on

So when I step into the club I come hardcore

Rip the mic to shreds plus skunk before encore

And after that I just max (max)

Like Max Julien I'm the authentic Mack

So just relax, and keep the cuts like a lance

We gots no worries, we get the dough in advance

Got to get the dough, got to run the show [x4]

Watch me, I got the bitch chumps on the spot, G

And when I rock these fly honeys want to jock me

So copy this one son, you fucking biter

Shut the hell up, you're damn right I don't like ya

I'll spit on your style, shit on your crew with a smile

Fucks no, you ain't wild, we've been in your file

You fantasy ruffneck, go bluff with your tec

But you'd better show respect or blood will drip like sweat

Check yourself because now there's doo doo in your pants

I enhance the dance and get the loot in advance

Got to get the dough, got to run the show [x4]

"Doe in Advance" is the name of this tune

You know what's up hops, GangStarr's in the room

Soon you'll feel the boom of masterpiece from the East

Nuff respect to where you're from, just don't act dumb

We drop the shit that's classic, you can't surpass it

We lasted, and now we run shit, you bastard

I'm like an ambush, moving on you quick

Got more depth than shallow rappers cause my game is thick

A thousand MC's in a week I subtract

Cause the market's oversaturated with scrub acts

Who wants to try next, and who wants to die next?

I'm vexed with motherfuckers, whose dome should I fly next?

Up from the alley, now the riches I acquire

Cats are coming by the wire, rhymes are chariots of fire

Call me the don, call me the man, or call me sir

But never forget this nigga knows the score

For cometition, yo there's no fucking chance

My troop is popping through clocking dough in advance

Got to get the dough, got to run the show [x4]

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