El Otro Yo

El Otro Yo - Hoy Aprendí

Learn through silver, its cold to touch

wire and springs arent much for recollectionheart is schedualed and predictable,

but ive figured it out though its microscopic.

So catch me

so catch me if i fall into the ground

So catch me now

Endless knowledge though emotionless

conversation fails i know your in there

luminescence reflects my words but its neverending

gazing up

ingest the sunlight, and its gone

But where'd it go?

You can smile now

no ones looking

they wont believe you had i can see through the hard shell

a soft interior, you hide well and now its gone again

not complex circuitry

its what you cant see thats more recieving now

dont catch me

dont catch me when i fall into the ground

dont catch me now

gazing up

ingest the sunlight, and its here its everlasting

Hold still

They'll believe you

I know they will

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