El Koala

El Koala - Lola

You can find me in the club where the huns at

Muthafuck that trucker hat hug-rap

I know who I am, who I be, who I always was

Not a rapper that would dis another just to start a buzz

You should know that, just let the beef go away

How many weathermen do I have to slay

El-P give that mouth a rest

Go and get yourself in shape give that couch a rest

I sent you a demo in 94 with straight original shit

No scientifical shit

And you cats talk about it like it's still in your whip

If you're large as you say, why you still sweating Shay?

Pissed cuz I reminisce about boom-bap

You just made cuz you make your money off nerd-rap

And can never change that, the fact you make soft shit

Embarassed so you gotta remind us about the profit

Sorry that I study from the blueprint

And don't associate with your nerd-rap movement

"Independently I sold..." man, get over yourself

Every interview I read it's like your blowing yourself

Putting doe on your shelf? Stop hoeing yourself

You're a herb, look at you, you know it yourself!

I showed you love from day one and I kept on

But now you upset because your boys got stepped on

If you were as smart as you claim to be

And had beef muthafucker you should've came to me

But no, write a dis, hope you won't get caught

Cuz you know I never peep shit from Gaysop Rock

Listen, I liked Funcrusher that was that

But then you heard Dr. Octagon and never looked back

"Blue Flowwwers" Allow me flex my true powers

And send this fucking hobbit back to the two towers

..............No I'm not stopping yet

Bars of Death ain't done it ain't dropping yet

I got jokes about your face believe me

But dissing you because of your looks is too easy

You can't help that you a Keebler elf, "Mr. Be Yourself"

You should see yourself

I saw that DVD man I can't understand

Why you find it so hard to shake a fan's hand

These are the cats that love you when you do shit

And actually think the stuff you make is music

But this is hip-hop kid don't confuse it

With herbs trying to hard to make "that new shit"

Bitching about doing a show for short change is fine

But taping it is assinine

Then releasing it? That's an ego trip

Get off your own dick, that's some ego shit (fuck outta here)

Revolution ain't them beats you record

Sounding like my girl's cat when it walks across my keyboard

You ain't different, you just can't work your equipment

Now don't come back with that run-on sentence rap

Spit it slow, so I can understand you, yo

Went from Co-Flow to no flow, rushing your rhymes

No punchlines, just a bunch of punched in lines

Bed-wetter, you as hip-hop as Eddie Vetter

If you a true b-boy, explain that mohawk and the Fred Perry sweater

That look is priceless!

Now who's the muthafucker with the identity crisis?

You ain't mad at me dog, you mad at what you've become

[part 2]

Banned from New York? Muthafucka don't sleep

I got a freak in each borough, I was there last week

You cancelling shows in Boston, acting shook

Say you from Harlem, telling me to come to Red Hook

You wanna rep Brooklyn? Ain't no Biggie in you

Fat sloppy fuck sound like Winnie the Pooh

Plus dwelling on this beef is a bad decision

The only fight you ever had is with your own metabolism

Making them mixtapes, mainstream coverband

Wannabe G-Unit but sold like 3 units? Damn!

Baby Huey talks like he had a stroke

I remember when he told me "Be Alert" was sooo dope

You was a fan home soaking the bed

See when I was eating rappers you was eating loaves of bread

A big oaf with dreads and a clammy handshake

Now you making records that even your fans hate

I'll treat you like a Taun-Taun, and slash your flesh

And give New York's homeless a place to rest

It ain't about the Weathermen, it's whether or not your men

Whether or not your femme, Vast drop and gimme 10

Know your limits, Grimace, you can't finish

All out of shape fishing for beef but out of bait

Sherman Klump's in a writing slump no lie

Nutty Proffessor, minus the sweater and bow tie

Come take my lotto? Man, that's a waste

With that tape, all you really robbing is your fan base

You be claiming you a man but got big saggy tits

Coppin all your sweaters from a store for fat chicks

"If this was 86..." man if this was 86

You'd be sitting in baby shit, crying for some cake and shit

"Vast is deep!" You kids don't understand

Anyone can sound deep to an overzealous fan

So protect that neck Shrek, before I strike again

You and El-P = Lenny and George from Mice & Men

The shit is getting old but the beef is fun

It's like, 5 on 1 I got you fuckers on the run

So get your facts straight, stop running your mouths

I keep this mic with me, dog come and get m

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