Man, I'm 'bout to leave this rap shit alone dog

Word up

(Goodbye!) I'm 'bout to say goodbye to the game

I'm tired of playin'

(Goodbye!) Goodbye to the fame and money

Yo ain't a damn thing funny

(Goodbye!) Goodbye to the hatin' for real

Too many niggas talk greasy, fa' sheezy


I've been in the rap game for a minute

Stackin' change, but the fact remains: this is a business

Now I've gotta call it quits, all of this

Hatin', it isn't called for; pride tried to swallow it

I even tried at Apollo, it

Was one fine-ass model, said she's feelin' all my shit

But I had a hard time believing it

She didn't know my songs by heart, hard time repeating it

I swear, no one else appreciates me

I'm from the home of white tees, and geechies maybe

I should call it a day, and put the mic away

I'd like to say I'm playin', but I can't say "sike"

And stayin' ain't an option, but patience might stop him

From making the mistake of a lifetime, I write rhymes

And make beats, but if it don't move your feet

I might as well just take a seat

Peace out

Fuck rap, you can have it back

I feel like a FOX special, "When Doormats Attack"

'Cause I don't feel welcome

It's gonna take more than an autograph signing in the store to help him

Change his mind, 'cause I'm the same guy that brought you

My other hits, like "Stay Away" and "Talk To You"

I'm catchin' Flack but my name ain't Roberta

These other rappers get away with murder

'Cause every other joint that they pumpin' on the radio

Is soundin' like the same ol' lame ol' shit they played way before

Meanwhile, I'm out bustin' my ass

Can I get an applause? Is it too much to ask?

Dag, I think I might as well hang it up

Either that or take my style and just change it up

D. Swain is just another jaded MC

Man I tried to be as patient as can be

But I gotta leave

He said this, and she said that

And he claimed that D. Swain couldn't rap

I'm better off in the game cookin' crack

Took this slack for a minute, sick of people lookin' at

Me like I lost my mind

I couldn't sell a copy of my CD even if it cost a dime

Even the radio won't play my hits

I rap about positivity, they hate my shit

I gave my album to a friend at the camera shop

Man he said that he was feelin' it, he said it was hot

But a couple days later, as luck would have it

I overheard another nigga say that HE said it sucked ass, shit

I tried to bring something new to the table

At the rate I'm going I'll be dropped from my label

So I'm done, yo I quit, I'm retirin'

Applyin' at McDonald's, yo I hope they're still hirin'

'Cause I'm gone

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