Ekhymosis - Vivo

[Music: Daniel Mongrain]

[Lyrics: Daniel Mongrain]

"Don't waste what little time you have

been granted on complaints.

And live your life to the fullest."

The past trespasses

When now settles in

Ephemeral experiences

Fleeting memories

Sacrificing a part of your life

Hungry packs of illusions

No one will grieve or shed a tear

For stolen destinies


Regrets are your life's bitter legacy

Carpe Diem

Your life is yours to create

Carpe Diem

So leave the past behind

[Lead: Pier-Luc Lampron]

[Lead: Daniel Mongrain]

Hope for a second chance

Forever haunting you

Time beyond reclaim

Wasted in the past

Living beside your virtual life

Ad Vitam Aeternam

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