Eddy Arnold

Eddy Arnold - Many Tears Ago lyrics

Many tears ago you said you'd love me

Oh how happy was this heart of mine

Then a dark cloud came from out of nowhere

And the sun went down no more to shine

Many tears ago I learned too well love

What it means to bear a heavy load

I found out just what has meant by sorrow

Many tears ago along life's road

Many tears ago I built a castle

Built it very strong and very tall

Though I thought it has a firm foundation

Many tears ago I saw it fall

Many times I've wished that I would die love

Better to be dead than feel so low

All I ever lived or ever hoped for

Left me many many tears ogo

[ steel ]

Many tears ago you called me darling

In my dreams I hear you say it now

I can almost feel your arms around me

Arms that never meant to keep the vow

Many tears ago 'twas in the springtime

When you said goodbye and went away

Oh how well this aching heart remembers

Many many tears ago today

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