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E-Town Concrete - One Life to Live lyrics

One Life To Live

When I breathe I live a little less,

Because with each breath I take a step closer to death.

Word bond it's kinda' fucked up how we're born just to die.

Live a life of poverty underneath dark skies.

Sometimes I wonder does God hear me,

Is he there, does he know that life sucks, and if so, does he care,

It seems as the he helps those he doesn't need

To making good niggas turn illegal, forget their peoples.

I'll cheat you duke, I wanna make that green too,

It's hard to feed 2 so I don't need you.

Why do what's right when it all goes wrong?

Fuck that sad song,

I'ma be the bomb word is bond it's on its all about the cream nigga

Nnd I'ma live out my dream nigga and be the richest,

Rock the flyest clothes get all the bitches.

Fuck them jealous niggas they can lick my dick tip,

And catch the stiff one son, we only got one life to live dunn,

So might as well do your thing now and make the best

of it,

Or regret the shit you wish you did for the rest of it.

We only get to represent temporarily so damn right I'ma get mine

before the bury me.

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