E-Town Concrete

E-Town Concrete - Mandibles lyrics


i'll take a bullet 'tween my mandibles.

it's the path i chose, took life and i grabbed the balls.

i rose like an animal and the jungle taught me to handle foes.

to all you mother f'er's, heifers and half steppers

the best of us is yet to come and you ain't seen the last of us.

i am the kid that no body ever gave a fuck about.

curse words and the worst words were the first words

coming out my mouth.

stated out with nothing so we had nothing to lose

never had an option so there was nothing to choose.

it was all about turning food stamps into cash.

buy some dipsey doodles with a food stamp get 75 cents back

what you know about that now.

in my darkest hour it seems that i can't make it

i find the strengh within to know that i can take it

finger on the trigger you know you better pull it

barrel in my mouth i learned to bite the bullet

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