Don Williams

Don Williams - Tulsa Time guitar tab

Tulsa Time - Danny Flowers

as covered by Don Williams

Here's a rocked-up version of an old one by Danny Flowrers

He wrote this back in 1960; I hope you enjoy it.

It's been covered by Don Williams and then Eric Clapton.

I include the intro from Don Williams Classics version. Try it.

Works Great with a slide in "E" tuning, too.

Tuning : E A D G B E Time Signature: 4/4

| | | | | | | |







E B7

I left Okalahoma, drivin' in my Pontiac, just about to lose my mind

B7 E

I was goin' round the corner, maybe on to California

B7 E

where the people all live so fine


My momma called me lazy, my baby say's I'm crazy,

E B7

I was gonna show 'em all this time

B7 'Cause you know I ain't no fool, And I don't need no more school,

B7 A5 E

I was born to just walk the line


E B7

Livin on Tulsa Time, livin on Tulsa Time


Gonna set my watch back to it 'cause you know I been through it

B7 E

Livin on Tulsa Time

Well, there I was in Hollywood, wishin' I was doin' good,

Talkin' on the telephone line

They don't need me in the movies and nobody sings my songs,

I guess I'm just a waste of time

Well then I started drinkin' and man, I got to thinkin'

and I really had a flash this time

I had no business leaving' and won't nobody will be grieving'

If I head on back to Tulsa Time

End -

Chorus 2x - then

E7 B7 E

Livin on Tulsa Time

E7 B7 E

Livin on Tulsa Time

E7 B7 E

Livin on Yankee Time







Or - You can play it like this: Thanks to John & LightningBoy:







The power chords add a little meat to it.

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