DJ IDEAL & CHAMILLIONAIRE - L. Money - Freestyle

(feat. L. Money)

[L. Money:]

Ideal whattup babe? (L. Money whattup?)

You at it again man

Probably sayin damn these niggaz don't stop

We cain't man, all day, let's go

(This how we get down)

I already told you I don't play around, y'all like to play around

I made it my occupation to lay these haters down

You concentratin on me, y'all niggaz is straight clowns

Y'all niggaz don't understand, what lunch money is about

I be that young nigga, chasin figures, tryin to catch a mill'ah

Watch for them guerillas, them niggaz'll banana peel ya

All y'all old dudes in the game I don't see ya

Cause the screwdriver flow that I hold will straight drill ya

Me and Ideal stay real

Niggaz disappear like Copperfield, homey I remain trill

I'm that nigga y'all wanna be, obviously

Women overseas, roll with G's who handle ki's

I ain't stoppin for nuttin

Anybody in my way I'm crushin nigga, permanent concussion nigga

So y'all dudes better step back, huh

We on top, we're the best at it, homey where your peoples at?

[Chorus: x2]

Quit the talkin cause you ain't gon' do nuttin (do nuttin)

Quit the yappin quit the cryin quit the fussin (quit the fussin)

You in my face but you ain't gon' shake nuttin (shake nuttin)

You got a problem lil' homey we can solve it (let's go)

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