Dillinger Four

Dillinger Four - Q How Many Punks Does It Take To Change A Lightbulb lyrics

Check that writing on the wall

It's been there all along but we've paid no attention

Packaged disent for all

So eager to buy in but never question intentions

A change of appearance, nothing more than adherence

The new you's looking strangely like the old

I guess that the more things change the more they stay the same

All the kids so satisfied to shut their eyes

And shed their skins

Singing along with all your breath

But no sound comes out cuz there's just wind behind it

Swallow but don't digest

You've heard it all once and don't like to be reminded

Not gonna glorify the past, it was the same

We felt like the fire couldn't be contained

And it was you and me against the world

But we were already eating out of their hands

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