Del Reeves

Del Reeves - Voyage Of Ole Chris lyrics


(Hank Mills)

« © '66 Johnny Bienstock Music, BMI »

Back in 1490 I was at 92

Christopher Columbus told the people what he'd do

Said I'll prove to you my theory though you scarped me and frowned

That's who can blame you standing or isn't that the ground

Well dog my kitty cat she was a stubborn fellow

He pushed till he got to see Queen Isabella

I need new mason boats you better let me have three

The Nina and the Pinta and the Santa Marie

Row your boat row your boat

Hey there sailor row oh no you don't

You better get in cause your making me soar

If you don't row the boat then will never get to shore

Well a storm started brewing in the middle of the drift

But like big fat Johnny didn't take a lot a lip

He kept all the sailors from permittin' mutiny

By telling them their names would go down in history

Well a skinny little fellow whos eye for the best

Shimmied up the pole and chased the crow from his nest

He started shoutin' when a duck flew in his hand

Were runnin' out of water this must be the land

When ole Chris found America he was a happy man

He thought he was the first to walk upon the land

But a spoil hick sailor who was high on Spanish beer

He painted signs everywhere Kilroy Was Here

Row your boat row your boat...

Row your boat row your boat...

Row your boat row your boat...

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