Del Reeves

Del Reeves - One Bum Town lyrics



The old census taker bans my name from this town's population

Misfit ain't to the word I'd use to fit my situation

My predicaments known to every bum for miles around

It's my misfortune to be fortunate bummin' and in a one bum town

Since I cannot afford a cup I've been sticking out my hand

You should see that things I get safety pins and rubber bands

It's so embarrassing ‘cause my homemade sunglasses keep falling down

Somebody up there has got it in for me bummin' in a one bum town

We'll Sheriff Brown has passed a law that prohibits all givin'

But one stop sign gives tourists time to help me make a livin'

Ballpoint pens have forced me to close my pencil business down

The side cops take turns walking up and down the sides

Bummin' in a one bum town

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