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Del Reeves - Little Highball lyrics


(Hank Mills)

« © '65 Johnny Bienstock Music, BMI »

When they gave me twenty years for a crime I didn't do

I was sure I'd lose my mind long before my time was through

All I did was sit and cry when I wasn't busting rocks

One Day I found an ant doing things a human can't

And I made his home a matchbox

Well I love that little lass cause he never tried to bite

I would find him in my cell when they locked me in each night

I thought it better have a name so he'd understand my call

I was dying for a drink here's the reason why I think

I named him little highball

For the first five years I taught him how to dance

I kept dreaming Ed Sullivan booked him solid in advance

I used to laugh till I cry for upon the prison wall

Dancing every which way up and down like Danny Kaye

Was my funny little highball

Well it took another ten teaching highball how to talk

He could even right is name dragging round a piece of chalk

I said whenever I get out Jimmy Dean is bound to call

On his television show millions everywhere will know

How I trained little highball

The remainder of my time little highball learned to sing

And he didn't miss a note imitating Jimmy Dean

Well I knew in Hollywood he'd be the biggest star of all

For his name would be in lights when Wal Dooney set his sights

On my famous little highball

But now I'm doing life for the death of Joey Brown

I have taken little highball to a bar to win some rounds

I said you see this little ant what a horrible mistake

Joey stomped on highballs life I took Joey's with a knife

While he was saying

Yeah them little a - are all over this place ha ha ha

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