Dead Moon

Dead Moon - 40 Miles Of Bad Road

I've crossed the line

I've bent the rules

Home of the brave

Red, white, and blue

I've fought the fire

Running through my head

Stood by and watched

Believed in what they said

I'm 40 miles of bad road

A riverbed of potholes

I know, I know, I know where

the money goes

Down a shaft of ratholes

Lowered by my ankles

Where dear dogs lie in the


I've walked the cage

I've been in cuffs

I've done the time

Enough is enough

I know my rights

Know when I'm wrong

But nothing seemed to matter

Until you came along

I've wrapped my wounds

I've closed my eyes

Escaped to nowhere

Turning back the tide

I asked the sage

What it's gonna take

To get out of Jordan

With everything at stake

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