Deacon Blue

Deacon Blue - Orphans (Acoustic) guitar tab

Orphans (Acoustic Version)

Original Words And Music By Ricky Ross And Ewen Vernal

Acoustic Arangememt By Ricky Ross

Chords Used - E 022100

F# 044300

Am 002210

Eadd9 202100

If you've caught Ricky on one of his solo shows you may have heard his acoustic arangement of this old

Deacon Blue classic.He slides E to F# to get that melancholic sound like the bass on the original recording

and he tends to avoid the B(2nd) and e (1st) strings on all the chords except Am to give that bass sound.

Anyway try it and see what you think!


E F# E

I now describe my country as if to strangers

F# E

This train is full of songs of local winners

Am E

And the wind surrounds the towers

F# E

And the flags they are blowing

Am E

And the bunting and the distance

F# E

Stretches over our sound

E F#

And when he teases the children


He calls them orphans and he cries

F# E

For all the flowers of the forest

Am E

In his head there is no reason

F# E

To be sad about the garden

Am E

But his heart bleeds very often

F# E

For things forgotten like little orphans

F# E

Little orphans

Outro E + Eadd9

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