Deacon Blue

Deacon Blue - James Joyce Soles guitar tab

James Joyce Soles

Words And Music By Ricky Ross

G 320033

C 032010

D 000232

Cadd9 032033


G Cadd9 D

Here`s the pictures I promised to send you see the airbase where we were sent

G Cadd9 G

Now the winter has started to descend your loving son was sent here


I got your letter from Boise Idaho to James Joyce Soles to James Joyce Soles

Cadd9 G

I went down at midnight to the Holy Loch shore


And scattered the ashes of James Joyce Soles

Chorus Riff

2nd String B:--0--1--3--0--1--3---0--1--3---1--0-------1s3s1-0-------

(Chords As Verse 1)

He knew the reasons why we were here he loved your parcels and all your care

You`re so thoughtful they`re so fair I know my friend thought so,Was James Joyce Soles

He`s not just a soldier,He`s not just a friend,He`s been in the wars in a foreign land

He`s been on the payphone when it was so cold he was my comfort was James Joyce Soles

He was my comfort in a country so old he was my comfort was James Joyce Soles

Repeat Chorus Riff Til Fade

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