Deacon Blue

Deacon Blue - Fergus Sings The Blues guitar tab

Fergus Sings The Blues

Words And Music By Ricky Ross & James Prime

Gm 36633

F 133211

Bb x13331

Cm7 x35343

Eb xx5343

Bb* xx333x


Intro Riff

Play this at the start of each verse.




Then this the rest of the time.





Intro riff

Fergus sings the Blues in bars of twelve or less

I`m a stranger to the land to this wilderness

Gm F

All things are possible

Bb F

But happen less and less

Gm F

This is my country

Bb Cm7

These are my reasons

F Bb Eb F

`Cause I look in the mirror

F Bb Eb F

And it throws back the question

F Bb Eb F

And I whisper in words

F Bb Eb F

That beg an answer

F Bb Eb Bb* Eb Bb* Eb Bb* F

Tell me can this white man sing the blues

Intro Riff

Homesick James My biggest influence

Tell me why James and Bobby Purify

I`m lost in music sweet soul music

This is my country these are my reasons


From the north coast to the uplands

Stay on the left side of the white lines

From the Campsies over Christmas

I still dream of Memphis


I got the blue blue world

And I see The blue blue sky

I got the blue blue ocean

In my blue eye

So tell me can this white man sing the blues

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