Days of The New

Days of The New - Whimsical lyrics

I can see things you'll never see

People say its all a f---ing dream

But I can say words you couldn't speak

Is it me?

Can you believe

You'll never live the world I live

Is it me?

It is only me

I can only live a world

Break away from you shattered beliefs

Detaching from my body desperate in grief

I have changed the world in front of me

One against all; I'm starving this world

(bridge) Is it me?

Do you want me?

You think you can have me

Say you love me

You want me!

I'm saving my money 'cause I don't pay to...

(chorus) I'm not afraid to live

I'm not afraid to die

I can only give

What I see inside

You can only take

What I give of me

You can only win

When I'm not afraid to lose...

Subjected to your mother of nature

Limited to the color of your eyes

Drained by the one you call your lover

She don't care if you live or die

(repeat bridge and chorus)

Oh yeah, oh yeah

Oh yeah, oh yeah

You can only win when I'm not afraid to lose...

Well I don't have a problem

I evolved, (I evolved, I evolved...)

Sometimes there are always problems

Well I don't have a problem...

I stand above

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