Days of The New

Days of The New - The Downtown guitar tab

'The Down Town" by Days of the New

Tabbed by Steve Becker 11/26/97

Written by Travis Meeks, Published and Copyrighted

(C) 1997 Scrogrow Music

Chords used:

A (002220)

E (022100)

Eadd9? (022130)

Aadd? (577600)

Gadd? (355400)

Fadd? (133200)

To make this easier, I'll just call the last 3 chords up there A?,G?,and

F? and use p's for pauses.


Play this part 4 times. At the end, strum an open E chord instead of

playing the Eadd9.








Fadd? Eadd9







A? G? A? G? A? G?F? G?



-6-p-4-4-6-p-4-4-6-p-4-2-p-2-2-4-| Play this

-7-p-5-5-7-p-5-5-7-p-5-3-p-3-3-5-| twice




A? G? A? G?F? G?



-6-p-4-4-6-p-4-2-p-2-2-2-2-2-2-4-| Play this

-7-p-5-5-7-p-5-3-p-3-3-3-3-3-3-5-| four x




A? G? E E+9?







A? G? F?







Back to Intro. Play only 2nd half.

2nd Verse

2nd Chorus- at end, play F? for 2 extra measures, end on E

Back to Intro. Play only 1st half, then back and forth between

G? and F? for 8 measures

3rd Chorus

End is 1st half of chorus, then F? till ending on E

That's It!! :)

1st Verse

I know a town where ...


Bring me down, bring me ...

2nd Verse

Thoughtless in heart, desperate ....


3rd Verse

I don't feel like I should ....

Chorus (repeat till end)

Tehcnical stuff:

It may be easier (if your hands are big enough) to use your thumb

for the bass notes on the low string. Doing this gave me the idea that

if you don't play the bass note, all you have to do is slide an open E

chord back and forth, which is fine if you're playing in a band with a

bass. Have Fun :)!!

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