Days of The New

Days of The New - Shelf In The Room

That Night The Rain Was Falling

Or Was It Just My Tears

Voices Outside My Window

From Ancient Years

So Tired By My Wisdom

Lost With A Weary Soul

I Saw My Life So Wasted

All My Dreams Were Dole

I Saw The Crown Was Lost In My Search For Gold

I Wished The Rain Could Cleanse My Soul But

Nothing Seemed To Help Me

In The Rain I Stood There Lonely

Searching For Salvation

"Come, Come"

There I Was Waiting For The Storm

I Was Waiting For The Meeting

Then I Felt The Presence Of Someone So Close

He Spoke To Me In Languages I Never Heard Before

Looked At Me With Eyes

That Were Healing My Wounded Soul

Everything Around Me Was Trembling By His Grace

There I Was In The Middle Of A Storm

There I Saw The Meaning Of It All

"All My Life I Carried The Burdens Upon My Shoulders

In Pride I Threw Away All Invitations Of Life Eternal"

That Night The Wind Was Speaking

It Was The Spirits Call

Saw Life From A New Dimension

With The Wisdom Of A Child

He Showed Me That Once Were Hidden

From A Sinners Eyes

There Is A Road For Me To Walk And,

Yes, I Stood There Waiting

"Come, Come"

There I Was Ready For The Storm

I Was Ready To Receive

There I Was Ready For The Storm

I Was Ready For The Meeting

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