Days of The New

Days of The New - Enemy lyrics



The Moment of truth, from the flow in the booth

Is it a classic to blow through the roof

Just ask 'n let me show you the proof

We stronger than ever along with the pressure

Longer then lesser, we bonded together

Like a song belongs with a measure

We pawnded ya treasure, a thing I wont do for the chips

And this be speaking from my heart, so I ain't using my lips

Like a ventriloquist, and as I stand killing this

While this rain, critics wont admit, how I can and still exist

Its a introduction, discussin the info

stuck in my mental window, thats meant to function

Let the people be the judge

We know and expect it, you holdin the record

Way before the needle even budge

The most hated on, and I stayed alone, was rated wrong

And its a headache, like yankin domes with a straightening comb

When our bread brake, articles of artists who aren't as hard yo'

Partners by fathers, regardless they are a star you know

Soon as it politics, with dollars become a prince

Be honest,if not I promise, I'ma just switch the style of it

With possibly what the game needs,with the same greed

You fakers is with,making a hit like when you playin we...indeed

[Chorus 2X - Elzhi + T3]

We areeeeeeeee

V- Villa, V-Villa


They say a nigga fell off when my nigga [Dilla] exited

3 albums later I kill 'em gotta represent

2 albums back [Baatin] had left

Kinda threw me off balance, put a limp in my step

But I pray for my nigga you know its one love

But let me tell you some shit thats kinda fucked up

Besides the tempting, it wasn't the empting

With the bling bling like mista ching a ling

So we didn't get a second single, or a video

So I say fuck 'em get the dick like a pretty ho

I guess we didn't need 'em, thanks for the freedom

And every time we see 'em, we let the finger greet 'em

[Chorus 'til fade]

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