Days of The New

Days of The New - Die Born lyrics

I am cold and I don't know why

Said you got to keep me warm

You will run from my eyes

They stare you down and make you burn

I am the king, the king of the jungle

I'm the little dog

The king of the jungle makes me humble

I will not die born

I will not go down, this is not my home

For any fears at all, fears at all

Keep me running, keep me running wild

Keep me innocent

The beach is hot, it burns my feet

I'm a little tired, don't know what I'm gonna do with this

I am gonna run

Gonna make it worth my while

Keep me running, keep me running wild

I am wild dog

It gets me high it gets me around

Everybody's walls, I don't feel no pain

Cause I am numb from the fall

Yeah it's hard for me to make one little change

I don't have to change at all

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