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David Allan Coe - Will You Remember Me (In Memory of Waylon)
(Capo 3
I know personally this is how DAC plays it)

D 	           G   A                 D
Will You Remember Me, Will You Remember Me
Thatís what Iím talkin about
                  A                      D
When my live runs out, Will You Remember Me.

D 	  	  	                        G
I was the guy, that could drink you under the table
A 	  	  	  	                    D
I was the last one standiní, when the whiskey was gone
I was always, ready, willing, and able
         A 	  	  	  	          D
You know I did it right, when it came to doiní wrong.

I had more tattoos, I could drink more booze
I made my liviní with a guitar and a gun
You know I robbed more banks than Jessie James
I was public enemy number one.

I was the guy that, your parents warned you about
I was everything you wanted to be
So when Iím dead and gone, will you still sing my song
And Will You Remember Me.


D 	  	  	                                  G
I was the guy that wrote the songs, the whole world was singiní
  A                                         D
I played at every honky-tonk from Dallas to Bangor, Maine
I sang Please Come To Boston, and Tennessee Whiskey
        A 	  	  	                     D
Iím the guy that sang You Donít Even Call Me By My Name.

D 	                        G
I once was The Amazing, ah but now Iím so amazed
A 	  	  	                  D
I live my life in the footlights, yes I grew up on a stage
You know Iíve paid my dues, I done my time
Now my friends are all dyiní ya see
    A 	                                               D
But before I go I just wanna know, if Youíll Remember Me.


?'s buffdixie@yahoo.com

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