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David Allan Coe - White Line Fever 
-Home On The Road Compilation Album-


E     A    B          A                  B              E
White Line Fever, the sickness born down deep within my soul
      A    B          A                 B                     E
White Line Fever, the years keep flyin' by like the high line poles.
    E              A                 B                 E                
The wrinkles in my forehead show the miles I've left behind me
        A        E         F#m                  B
They continue to remind me how fast I'm growin' old
           A             B           E
Guess I'll die with this fever in my soul.


        E                A                B          A
Well, I wonder just what makes a man keep pushin' on
                   B                 E  
Why must I keep on singin', this old highway song
                        A               B        
I've been from coast to coast a hundred times or more
            A               B                  E   
And I ain't seen one single place that I ain't been before.

E     A    B     A B E
White Line Fever

E     A    B     A B E
White Line Fever

E     A    B     A B E
White Line Fever

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